​​​Dreamscape Screen Printing

Art Requirements

We accept the following types of art files:
•  CorelDraw files (filename .cdr), text must be converted to curves.
• Adobe Illustrator files (filename .ai), text must be converted to outlines.
EPS (vector files), all text must be converted
• Adobe Photoshop files (filename .psd) These should supply layered files set up at actual print size  with resolution set at least to 150 pixels per inch or higher. (200 to 300 is even better)

• All artwork must be set up using spot colors, CMYK or RGB will not work. If you don’t know what spot color is or cant supply it, there may be a art conversion fee.
Images at 200 to 300 pixels per  inch are even better. We may not need this much resolution to print properly, but depending on the print size of the elements in the image, the more resolution in the native file, the better control we have over the quality of the finished print.
The following types of files will require an art charge:
• JPG files are not acceptable for photographic reproduction work.
• Microsoft word files.
• Microsoft
• PowerPoint files.
Any submission of art files not in the file formats mentioned above will require a redrawing of the artwork and will result in an hourly art fee. We can print any artwork that is a vector or bitmap file, but we will have to have the art emailed to us for a viewing to estimate art charges to on the files.

Art can be reproduced from anything you give us.

NEED A DESIGN ?                 NO  PROBELM
 We will be happy to design your art or logo for you. Just give us an idea of what you want and we will do the rest for you. You have final approval on all art before it goes to press.
 (There is a one time art charge when we design the art.)
 Any questions? We'll walk you through the process. Contact  us.